Welcome to the 2017 National Wildlife® Photo Contest

The National Wildlife® Photo Contest was first launched over four decades ago, and to this day, still celebrates the power of photography to connect both photographers and viewers with wildlife and the outdoors. As photography evolves, it’s never been easier to capture images of the world around us—and the most compelling nature images can help protect wildlife in profound ways. This year’s contest is comprised of seven different categories:

  • Baby AnimalsPortraits and behavior of young animals of any species.
  • Backyard Habitats: Wild creatures, native plants and natural settings in backyards.
  • Birds: Portraits and behavior.
  • Landscapes and Plants: Scenic views and native plants in wild settings.
  • Mammals: Portraits and behavior.
  • Other Wildlife: Portraits and behavior (includes underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and more).
  • People in Nature: People enjoying the outdoors or connecting with nature and wildlife.

Entry Fee: Enter up to ten photos for $20.00. No limit to the total number of images. Your fee helps support NWF's work to protect wildlife and wild places.

Grand Prize: $5,000.00.

First Place: $500.00 for the winner in each category.

Second Place: $250.00 for the second place in each category.

Honorable Mentions: Each will receive a National Wildlife Federation calendar.

Consider donating: The National Wildlife Federation greatly appreciates when photographers choose to donate some of their images. These donations help support our mission to protect wildlife and habitats. Photographers will always retain ownership and rights to their images. We encourage you to consider donating some of your images to the National Wildlife Federation to help us save the world’s treasured wildlife species and their habitats. For more information about donating your photos in the Rules section.


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