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Photo Subject (Describe.)
Heron Reflected at Sunset
Landscapes & Plants
When was this image taken? (Please state month or time of year.)
October 26, 2020
Where was this photo taken? (Please specify city, state, country, etc.)
Skagit County, Washington State
Photo Story
That night there was a beautiful sunset. I grabbed by NIkon D3500 and went in my car, hunting for photos. As I passed an irrigation ditch I glanced over and saw a heron standing in it. I backed up (there were no other cars on the road) to get a better look and I think my mouth probably fell open when I saw this image. I rolled down my passenger window, and shot this photo right from the car.
Camera Equipment
Nikon D3500 f4.5; ISO 800; 1-250; focal length 70; no flash; 300 dpi
Specify Digital Alterations
I played with the saturation, contrast, and midtones. I brought the saturation and contrast up, and dialed down the midtones. (I no longer remember how much or how little.)